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Does Size Matter? Venue Size....

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

You might have found your dream hotel which happens to have the biggest, most amazing idyllic ballroom that you have ever seen but does that mean it will make the evening a success.

This particular couple below are going to have a hard time trying to fill their choice of venue and create an atmosphere so let me explain....

For example here think of a big nightclub with a capacity of 500 people but on the night you decide to arrive there are only 50 people there, I think you can already guess that it wont be the wildest of evenings or the best atmosphere that night no matter how good the DJ might be. 

The same applies at a wedding as most hotel function rooms can hold around 3-400 people as standard but if you have only invited 100 guests things can start to look a little sparse as the evening moves on.

It's a proven fact that people have a better time when they can mingle in a more condensed cosy environment so why not use the huge wow factor of the room and use it for the meal as all the tables are breaking up most of the floor space but see if the hotel can half the room size or resize the room it in someway after the meal as they begin to take those tables away again.

None of your guests the next morning will remember the decor or how many chandeliers or tables there were in the room they will only remember what a great time they had.

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